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My experience at Jannae Institute, hard to describe, each session reveals more. I am a wife, mother of 2 and owner of a 3-year start up with 120 employees. Jannae assists in with total wellbeing. Getting my body back from stress and children, deepening my connection to my purpose, dramatically increasing my ease and success in daily life. She helps restore ‘my balance’
— Anne, 41, Business owner
I am experiencing a new “inner peace”, I am no longer attached to “outcomes”. I’m less resistant to taking the positive action steps to further my own wellbeing. I feel totally present to life and all of it’s goodness coming to me!
— JLB, 52, Business owner
Jannaé is a godsend. She really cares about her patients and involves herself in their journey to well being. If not for Jannaé, I would never know that I had hormone and adrenal imbalances that blocked my ability to loose weight. My feelings about myself have improved along with my energy levels. I have recommended Jannae´ to my friends and family because she really cares!
— Karen M, Retired business owner

Previous Reviews:

Jannae is for those desiring to go to the nest level of well being! My body is at its finest – EVER
— Dr. Christine Sinclair
Pain has been a part of my life for years due to numerous injuries from motor cross racing, snow skiing, and many other crazy activities of mine, After my first PEMF, I felt enormously better and I knew something was different. After 9 sessions, I was pain-free. This has been such a chronic condition for many years. Also the other pains in my body have mostly gone away. I cannot recommend Jannae, her wise guidance and her state of the art equipment enough!
— Brad, 41 Life coach and previous extreme athlete Boulder, CO
Life continually evolves- Jannae facilities my “re-set” with each changes within my body, mind and spirit. So I am able to maintain my peak in the midst of evolution.
— Lisa Maria, 53, retired corporate owner
As competitive dancers, performing everywhere in the world- when visiting Jannae- we experience a breathe of freshness. Yuillo and I recover and remember why we are called to perform at these levels. After just one session with Jannae, we earned the title ‘#1 World Champions’ in Latin dance. We are forever thankful for you.
— Yuillo and Ricardo
Two of my buddies and I went to try out the Cryotherapy and we were very pleasantly surprised! I highly recommend these friendly ladies and they know what they’re doing. From the awesome receptionist/assistant Elvia to the magician herself Jannaé will make you leave with a smile, worth every penny.
— Beau, Hunter and Jesus, Young Real Estate executives