What happens during a visit with Jannae?

1. Scan. We analyze your body to determine the most effective treatment           

2. Recommendation. This includes advice on lifesytle, nutrition, supplement and a custom treatment plan

3. Advanced Procedure. Combing technologies applied with experience to deliver the best results possible, based on your individual scan result

4. Maintenance. We're always working with our experts to continue your results!

Athletes have been driving force behind the growth of whole body cryotherapy. Game success is dependent upon their body’s ability to train, recover and perform. WBC provides the most effective and convenient treatment that gives these athletes a competitive advantage.

Professional athletes have discovered WBC as a powerful treatment to decrease time, increase athletic performance, boost the body’s metabolic rate and enhance recovery periods.  Cryotherapy can now be found in many NBA, NLF, and US Olympic team training centers.

If you are looking to change the shape of your body, loose weight in specific areas, or simply be more toned, we apply the latest laser and radio frequency technology to get measurable results. Unlike a “one treatment fits all” approach, we modulate and integrate treatments based on your body — based on our analysis results with Zyto Scan. The Scan determines what procedures will provide the best results for you, and will give us an understanding of how to best prepare your body. Our Life-Style, Nutrition, and Supplement Recommendations are based on our experience with 100's of successful procedures over the last 7 years.  All you have to do is follow our recommendations and treatment plan to reveal the body you want!