The Client: (Buttocks – 6 sessions) A thirty five year old woman can desiring skin perfection and lifting of her buttocks. She exercised regularly, lived a balanced life and ate well.

Recommended Treatment: After discussing her goals, we completed a Zyto scan and discovered with all her exercising, she was very de-hydrated. We made a couple recommendations and proposed that the Zerona Plus for cellulite would be the recommended procedure.

Area Treated: To address her goal of skin tone, and lifted buttocks, we treated her front, back of legs and buttocks.

The Treatment: The client visited JBI in 48 hours intervals during the week while following our recommends for 4 liters of ph water daily plus the recommended supplements.

Her treatment was Zerona Plus and 40 minutes of endermologie for cellulite followed by 10 minutes with our on our proellixe powerplate followed by 30 minutes in our infared sauna with foot detox.

The Results: After 2 weeks, 6 sessions, our client was happy with her new healthy skin tone, lifted buttocks.

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