The Client: Mommy Makeover (6 sessions) 32 year new mom came to us to address her concern about not “being herself” after their third baby. Her goal was to tighten up, re-sculpt tummy, thighs and loss the inches she had gain. She had tried Cross Fit and other modalities. Her husband brought her treatments as a after baby gift!

Recommended Treatment: After discussing her goal and budget, we ran a Zyto scan. She was very healthy and balanced. The only red flag was lack of alkalinity. We muscle tested and determined she needed 3 liters of ph water daily during treatments. To accomplish her overall goal of entire body, Zerona Plus was the best solution for her needs.

Area Treated: To address her concerns and reach her individual goals, we treated her tummy, upper thighs and buttocks.

The Treatment: The client visited JBI 48 hour intervals after strictly following our recommendations for 14 days. Each Zerona treatment included twenty minute endermologie treatment, along with 20 minute lymphatic treatment and 10 minutes on our proellixe power-plate.

The Results: After 2 weeks, our client lost 12”, tightening, sculpting were achieved. Added bonus, she lost her cellulite! 3 weeks after she visited us, she had lost a total of 15 inches.

Interested? To see how our proprietary combination of treatments based on your body and your goals can work for you, schedule your complementary Zyto Scan with Jannae’ today!