The Client: Male back. Goal less love handles

A thirty nine year male came to us for help shrinking his love handles. He worked out, but nothing seemed to help in this area.

Recommend Treatment: His goal was simple. We completed our Zyto scan, which showed he would benefit from increasing his protein intake and lowering his stress levels. Easy to say! We agreed upon 9 Zerona Plus treatments. The concern was, if he wasn’t able to lower his stress, his body would not respond to treatment. We discuss this at length.

Area Treated: We treated his stomach, sides and back.

The Treatment: The client visited JBI in 48 hour intervals. He practiced his Qigong daily for stress. Each Zerona treatment included 40 minutes of endermologie for loose skin.

The Results: After three weeks, 9 sessions, our client had lost 13 inches in his middle and his love handles were down!

Interested? To see how our proprietary combination of treatments based on your body and your goals can work for you, schedule your complementary Zyto Scan with Jannae’ today!