The Client: Forty nine year old female came desiring to lose inches and improve skin tone. She had come in two years earlier. At that time, her hormones were not balanced. She lost 14 inches two years earlier and had maintained.

Recommended Treatment: After discussing her goals, we completed her Zyto scan and happily she had properly addressed her hormones, all looked excellent. Previously, she had a challenge drinking the required water. She was completely on board this time. We were both excited! Her budget only allowed for 6 Zerona Plus sessions.

Area Treated: Her goal was total body sculpting, tightening, toning, inch loss and cellulite. She wanted it all! So we treated her entire body, including arms.

The Treatment: She visit JBI in 48 hour intervals and totally complied with her 3 liters of ph water. She was excellent in her accountability. Each Zerona treatment included 20 minutes of lymphatic therapy, 20 minutes of combo endermologie, both loose skin and cellulite.

The Results: After two weeks, our client was tighten, lighter, cellulite free and 17 inches smaller! We were both very pleased.

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